Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just When They Thought I Was Out...

Hello there, True Believers. It's been one hell of a month.

Not to get all biblical on you or anything, but after this month, I feel a little bit like Jesus. Like I've clawed my way back from the dead. Like Harry Potter, some might say. (Oops, spoilers.)

First I saw my funding pulled. Then my distributors bailed on me. Then I had some yahoo steal my identity, racking up more than $20,000 in credit card bills and new cell phone accounts with Sprint (whose customer service reps are about as enjoyable to deal with as a proctologist) Like I needed anything else, on top of everything, my father died of a coronary.

So July sucked. Big. Time.

But we're in August. And I have something very special to announce. In spite of hell month, Squizz, Inc. has a new round of financing. With some credible investors, who I'll reveal as soon as all of the paperwork is completely squared away. I'm back in business. Don't turn your back on the black squirrel.

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RH said...

Try "as soon as" + 3. Stay with us.