Monday, February 25, 2008

Got this blogging thing all wrong...

Looking around the internet, it seems that the 'best' bloggers or whatever you want to call them share every last detail about themselves, personally or professionally.

I guess I'm kind of the opposite. I've had a lot of personal and professional stuff go down in recent months but have gone completely dark on my blog. Probably why my site stats are terrrible.

It's funny, I've writtena boatload of drafts over the last few months, but every time I've looked at this site I haven't been able to complete anything. I don't know if it's because everything I've tried to communicate felt too painfully personal or whatever given all that's been going on (not to mention it probably isn't a good idea to air legal laundry in public), but I just didn't feel comfortable putting anything out there.

But I'm here today to tell you, my fellow Squizzies, that I'm back. (Yeah, I know I said that in the last couple of posts, but I mean it this time.)

Now, I could say that I'm going to be posting a lot more frequently, etc., etc., and leave at that.

I'm actually going to do you one better.

In the next couple of weeks, for those of you in New York, get ready for your first taste of the new Squizz. Later.

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