Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shame on you, Engadget!

Look, I'm as bad as anybody when it comes to giving someone a rightfully deserved kick in the ass.

But when Engadget decided to tear the Neux Corp a new one earlier this week for its soda can MP4 player, they definitely overstepped their boundaries.

Look, I haven't used the thing, I don't know much about the technology in it, I don't even think it's something I would buy necessarily but that's beyond the point, why would you criticize someone for tyring to come up with a new (admittedly kind of strange) vision of the classic music player?

I mean, jesus, someone tries to do something different and all you can do is throw unadulturated cynicism at it?

Sure, it is a stupid idea, but let the dreamers be. I don't know these Neux Corp. guys, but I'll say this, they're trying something new. What have you done lately, Engadget? Oh, that's right, you squeezed one out over the most disgusting looking box I've seen since the VHS recorder.

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