Sunday, March 2, 2008

Great Idea! (Bad Result)

Here's an amazing idea that never came about.  A company called Ipifini, (in the interest of full disclosure, run by an associate of mine, PH.D Tod Woolf) envisioned a return to the customizable soda of day's past.  Buttons on the side of the bottle could be triggered to inject various flavors into the soda water, thereby allowing the user to truly define their own taste experience.  Lime-Ricky?  Cherry-Lemon Bomb?  Rasperry Jim-Jim?  Whatever your nostalgic taste might be, it could be recreated on the go.

The entire sales presentation (subsequently snapped up by a tiny company you've never heard of: "Coca-Cola" ;-)) can be viewed here.  Millons were payed, hands were shook, backs patted.  

No product was released.  Ever.  Will it be?  Some day?  No.

Why?  Again, legally I can't say.  What I can say is that Dr. Woolf never saw any of that money, his business (and life) partner Mark Van Nuysen now lives here, and Coca-Cola Co. continues its campaign of terror.  

Make no mistake about it, capitalism is a rough business.  Guard your ideas, keep your head firmly on your shoulders, and when someone pats you on the back, make sure they haven't inserted a knife. 

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