Friday, March 7, 2008

Maybe I'm getting old?

Maybe it's the stress of the past year catching up with me, but I'm having one of those mornings in which I can't help but wonder if I'm experiencing an early onset of senility.

Jesus, first I spent a good half hour rummaging around my apartment looking for my keys, only to find them by accident in the container in which I keep sugar for coffee and baking (yes, I am a batchelor who isn't afraid to admit he likes to bake). No idea how I did that, but it's disgusting.

Then I lose my prized Blackberry Pearl. No idea where it is, probably in my trash can, thrown there by accident. Maybe it's time for an iPhone?
On top of all that, I try to log into my friggin' e-mail this morning (which is normally an automatic process, but I guess this time by stupid dell erased my history... bastards) and can't remember my stupid password. Jesus, since when did Google recognize case sensitivity? I guess I've always been a stickler for capitalizing words, ever since Miss Grossman rapped my knuckles with her ruler in 1st grade.

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