Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Orbitz Formula?

This morning, a friend of mine sent me a link to an ambitious young Purdue chemisty student's breakdown of the Orbitz formula. What do I think of the blueprint? Pretty close. Eerily close. Not exactly on the nose, but bravo! The thing that really suprised and impressed me though, was that this person understood the importance of "gellan gum". Per the student: "This polysaccharide forms a fragile, net-like matrix that lightly holds the bits of xantham gum in place, aiding in the gravity defiance witnessed". Precisely. Initially, I was able to suspend the xantham gum bits for days, even weeks on end, but I had a devil of a time preventing the eventual settling that would take place. Gellan gum was indeed the solution to this problem, so much so that if you were to find a bottle of the drink today (Ebay anyone? ;-)), everything would still be in place. That may not sound like much of an achievement to you, but it is something that gives me chills, and inspires me to keep moving forward. Thanks anonymous Purdue student, you made my day.

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