Thursday, June 14, 2007

Smart. If by smart you mean stupid.

Cocaine the beverage is an energy drink that recently had its ass handed to it by big daddy FDA. I'm mixed on this. Obviously, Redux Beverages, the makers of the energy drink, were trying hard to push the envelope and differentiate themselves from their competitors. The drink also claimed to reduce cholesterol because it contained an agent called Inositol. (This agent is also used to cut cocaine the drug. But so is jell-o, baking soda, and cement). Other than that, it's just your garden variety energy drink with a sexy, dangerous name. Is it tastless? Probably, yes. Is that a reason for the FDA to stick its yap in? No, no, no. The market would have regulated this particular offense. 7-11 refused to sell the beverage, as did several other national chains. These guys would have been forced to pack it in pretty damn quickly even without the government interference. Maybe the FDA should spend more time making sure our perscription drugs aren't giving us heart attacks, and less time eradicating upstart punks who would have bit the dust anyway. Btw, if you still want to score some cocaine, these guys might be able to hook you up ;-).

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