Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Huh... um. Yes. Yes, I think so, yes. This is hard for me to say, but... (oh god)... good job Pepsi Japan. You've got something new to say, instead of just being the WalMart of soft-drinks. Pepsi and Coke. Coke and Pepsi. Vanilla Coke and Pepsi. Oooh. Coke and Pepsi with lime. Ohhh. Lame. Safe. But here is something truly complicated and aggressive. Crystal Cucumber Pepsi. I assume that the crystal means some sort of a mint effect (no doubt produced artificially. You don't get a total pass, bastards! ;-))

I have yet to taste it, I have a post on Craig's List trying to get my hands on it. Any of you reading in Japan? I'll make it worth your while. The average consumer is going to say "Ewww, gross!", just like they did with the last scene of the Sopranos (Awsome, Mr. Chase. I think Tony just woke up from a dream. The whole thing was a dream. That's what I got from that. Anyway, well done!), but the rest of us are going to welcome the challange to our pallates. Okay, so...Good Job PepsiCo (Japan). I have to go wash my mouth out with soap, now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I want to invite you to a comedy website called GAB on ZUG (Google it).

The site's quality of humor has been on the wane (well, wank, actually), and you are a very funny writer.

Hope to see you there,